Are you ready to gain the competitive edge, increase your profits, and expand your business?  Whether you’re a small construction firm building only a few houses a year, or a large developer building multi acre housing developments; the C.O.R.E. Technology can increase your business while still incorporating your crews’ unique advantages and quality workmanship.

Increased Profit Margins
•    Fewer Materials for Same Square Footage
•    Specialty C.O.R.E. Components Streamline Construction Process
•    Reduced Time & Materials in Construction

Gain Competitive Edge
•    Subcontracting or Licensing C.O.R.E. Technology
•    Familiar Construction Tools, Techniques, & Codes
•    Low Learning Curve
•    Quality Workmanship

Sustained Expansion
•    National & International Demand
•    Exportable Assets
•    International Material Availability
•    Readily Available, Mass Producible Components

Stable Resale Value, due to:
•    Increasing Demand for Green Homes
•    During Housing Downturn, Green Homes Sector Maintained Steady Growth 
•    Homebuyers More Likely to Buy Green Homes in Down Housing Market
•    Green Building Design Directly Meets Homebuyer Requirements

Comparable Price Points, due to:
•    Unique Systems Build Design
•    Reduced Materials In Construction
•    Speed of Assembly

Environmental Stewardship
•    Reduced Carbon Footprint
•    Safe, Healthy, Ecological Housing
•    Available LEED Certified
•    Ensuring a Positive Future for Generations to Come

Providing the Homeowner Dream
•    Turn-Key
•    Professionally Built
•    Maintaining Technology, Luxury, & Convenience
•    Dynamic Designs for a Myriad of Clientele

Proven Thermodynamic Principles
•    The Continuous Omnidirectional Radiant Energy (C.O.R.E.) Technology takes proven thermodynamic principles ever present in nature, and in our hyper-harnessing design, creates the home that heats and cools itself™.
•    Reviewed by Nationally Recognized Solar Engineer
•    Ancient Building Principles Utilized in an Innovative Design

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