Company Overview:

SLS is a green technology, R&D, and licensing firm preparing to provide the C.O.R.E. – Continuous Omnidirectional Radiant Energy – Technology that offers homes that heat and cool themselves, take fewer materials and time to build, while providing unprecedented safety from natural disasters. Founded in May 2008, SLS has completed its pre-organization round of funding, developed its strategy and business plan, has a growing number of Letters of Interest from homebuyers, builders, and developers, begun development of its management team, is patent pending, and has industry and celebrity endorsements.

The Inventors:

Pursuing their life passions, co-inventors Sarah Perkins and Joe Blundell, partners and researchers of sustainable technologies, began SLS due to the increasing global shift from planet users to planet stewards.  The original concept for the C.O.R.E. Technology began its development in May 2000 as a quest for solutions bigger than the problems™. Once deciding to launch SLS, Sarah Perkins and Joe Blundell enrolled in CEO Space, a CEO training and educational course.  Through their year course, they completed their Founder’s Round of funding, found expert legal and business counsel, attracted an expert advisory team, and brought on board David Stacey.

Sarah Perkins - President & Founder

Sarah PerkinsAs a sustainability engineer, Sarah spends her time educating construction professionals on the social and economic benefits of understanding and implementing sustainable building techniques.  She's studied in Denmark with leading sustainability experts, investigating functioning methods for sustainable living, including: passive and active solar technologies, wind turbines, biogas digestion, humanure utilization, greywater restoration, and much more.  Her knowledge and expereince in the field led to her position as Construction Manager for the Cliff Village Greenhouse Project, in which Sarah and co-inventor Joe Blundell built the first prototype for a self-heating greenhouse.  This initial prototype, which was later developed into the C.O.R.E. Building Technology, melded together Sarah's construction and management skills in communication, engineering, and design, with her argicultural skills in organic farming, humanure composting, and edible landscaping.  After further design development, Sarah founded Sustainable Living Systems, Inc. to offer The C.O.R.E. Technology.

Joe Blundell - Inventor & Technology Consultant

Joe BlundellJoe is the primary inventor of the C.O.R.E. Technology.  He was led to the invention after hundreds of hours of collegiate study, an impact full awakening in May 2000, and nine years of independent research in sustainable design.  In 2003, when he was elected Mayor of the Town of Cliff Village, Missouri, he took his knowledge out of the lab and into the field when he spearheaded efforts to decontaminate the village’s wells.  As a result, he was the first recipient of the Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award in Oklahoma and launched the Cliff Village Greenhouse Project mentioned above.

The Team

David Stacey - Business & Financial Consultant

David StaceyDavid serves as financial advisor to Sarah Perkins and Joe Blundell, advising in the areas of financial projections, business and team development, and strategic planning.  With over 25 years experience as a financial advisor and investment banker, he’s exceptionally qualified in all these areas.  David’s past experience includes working for high end financing agencies at senior level positions, most revolving around the successful origination, negotiation, structuring, documentation and syndication of cross-border, asset-based finance.  He immigrated to the United States in 2006, where he became the Senior Marketing executive for CEO Space in charge of developing the market for America’s premier organization involved in the training of entrepreneurs.  As an accomplished public speaker and consultant, in 2008 he formed his own consultancy firm David Stacey International.

Michelle Moraczewski, AIA - Architect & Project Manager

Michelle MoraczewskiMichelle has begun working with SLS by taking the skeleton of the home design utilizing the C.O.R.E. Technology, and transforming it into a work of art.  She is the principle architect of MPA Architecture, works in all areas of architecture, with a specialty in housing and sustainable design.  She has over 26 years of architectural experience in all phases of the construction process and has worked in Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, New York, and Nashville.  With architectural experience in liturgical, public, commercial, and residential developments, Michelle has designed and built churches, libraries, correctional facilities, art galleries, restaurants, hotels, and private residences; many of which are available for review on her website.  She uses the principles of geometry in her most complex projects, resulting in very formal and organized plans that are effcient to build; which translates directly into the economics of the project.

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The Technology

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