Pre-launch, and preparing to build the model home, Sustainable Living Systems will be offering the completely self heating and cooling C.O.R.E. Technology, which stands for Continuous Omnidirectional Radiant Energy.  Read the short narrative below on how this can impact your life.

Welcome Home!

That’s what the doormat reads as you enter your new home and take a deep breath of fresh air.  As you turn on the lights, you briefly consider how you no longer worry where your power comes from.  You cross to the kitchen, passing the dishwasher, and wash your hands at the kitchen sink.  Drying your hands, you consider what you want to do today.  You’ve just returned from your part time job at the library, and you still have half the day free from responsibilities.  You feel fully rested and energized.

You grab a glass from the cupboard and pour yourself some lemonade.  Picking up your tablet from the kitchen table, you enter the sunroom off the kitchen.  Enjoying the sweet fragrance of basil in bloom, you curl up in your sun chair.

Ever since moving to Sandstone Development, you’ve experienced relaxation only remembered from your early childhood.  You’ve taken long strolls around the neighborhood; making friends, and hearing about the latest events.  And sitting now, you begin recalling how everything changed.


It was when you first toured a C.O.R.E. designed home.  As you walked though for the first time, you remember thinking how charming and modern it looked, and how at home you felt.  With all the standard features and appliances, you started wondering why this home was advertised as ‘green’.

Your realtor explained:  “Homes designed with the C.O.R.E. Technology come standard with LED lighting and energy star appliances, along with cradle-to-cradle foresight in building materials.  But what makes it really green, is that you have no heating and cooling costs.  C.O.R.E. designed homes heat and cool themselves, reducing your energy bill by up to 66%.  

This model comes PV-ready, which means it’s ready to have active solar panels installed to offset the rest of your electricity from lights and appliances.  It has all the benefits of green living, such as clean indoor air and water restoration; while being comparably priced to traditional homes.”

Learning how reasonable your payments would be, and considering the extremely low utility costs; economically, it was a no brainer.  You bought the house and never looked back.  With your reduced financial obligations, you began enjoying increasing free time.  It wasn’t long before you recovered from your previous high stress, rat race lifestyle; and began your time of truly living.

Today, you were free just to be.

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